CPTSD Recovery 1:1 Online Coaching 

When You Know What Does Not Work, You Discover What Works And You Heal And Grow

"Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you, as a result of what happens to you." — Dr. Gabor Maté 

  Trauma is a response to a wound. To resolve trauma we need to heal the wound or many wounds in the case of complex trauma.

  We are not just our mind, or just our body, or just the soul, we are all of that. We are a whole even if with CPTSD we feel scattered and disconnected, subjected to different forms of disbalance, either escaping into the mind or experiencing other forms of dissociation, such as somatic bypassing or spiritual bypassing.

  The abuse and neglect create injuries on all levels: spirit, mind and body. Thus when the wound is not healed on all levels the trauma is not resolved. 

  Holistic Trauma Work is an approach that is the only way to recover from complex trauma completely. And I discovered it in my own recovery journey and started using it to help my clients to recover from CPTSD, addictions and autoimmune disorders that were caused by complex trauma and chronic stress. 

   Holistic Trauma Work means:

  1. To release trauma at all levels - body, mind and spirit.

  2. To cover all aspects of healing that consists of both self-healing (all that one can do by oneself, self-empowerment being a crucial part of recovery) and professionally supported healing (once self-healing is in place we grow ready to receive effective professional post-traumatic growth support).

  3. To address both major parts of trauma work, the active trauma work and the passive trauma work. The active trauma work consists of the trauma release work and active healing by releasing trauma-induced subconscious mind programs through rewiring neuronal pathways and at the body level healing Autonomic Nervous System through somatic approach (Yang). Passive trauma work is the grief process that consists of mourning the losses, letting go, surrendering and release of resistance when healing takes place at the spirit level when we stop fighting and feel safe enough to lean into the acceptance (Yin).

In Nature There Is No Standstill. You Grow, Or You Die.

  It is important to focus on growth, not on the trauma. Post Traumatic Growth is the other pillar next to Holistic Trauma Work to be successful in recovering from CPTSD.

  When we know that attachment to suffering, addiction to drama, shame and blame dynamics, disempowerment and victimisation in relationships with self, with others and with helping professionals is what keeps us stuck with the trauma we can understand the need to shift the focus away from the abuse, defeat and trauma towards the transformation and the wins we experience on the recovery journey. Where the focus goes energy flows is not just a trendy phrase, it is the reality proved by neuroscience and epigenetics, hence quantum healing has an important role in effective trauma work. 

  Post Traumatic Growth is a recovery from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder stage where as a result of releasing trauma we are no longer victimised, no longer get triggered and in trauma response freeze, fight and flight, dissociation.  It is a stage of positive outlook and a positive change in life in general as a result of overcoming trauma and adversity, to the extent where we not only fully own our story, get in touch with our true self and purpose, but we can appreciate the hidden blessings the experience of trauma and of overcoming trauma and healing has brought to our lives. 

  Post Traumatic Growth is the stage when we no longer identify ourselves as victims, as someone with a disorder, as a survivor since there is no question of surviving as we have started living instead. This is when we truly know that nothing is wrong with us, we become empowered, responsible, stable, fully owning our authenticity and life. It is the process of growing free from the physical, mental and spiritual suffering and limitations that were caused by trauma and post-traumatic stress.

Disease Is a Result Of Disbalance

  CPTSD is not a fixed state and when we suffer we try to do all we can to lessen the pain since we have the inner knowing that this is not what life is supposed to be. 

  CPTSD recovery is a journey and there are many different stages that someone suffering from complex trauma can be at. One end of the spectrum would be an acute crisis, someone currently going through a current situation of abuse, suffering from a recent trauma on top of all layers of past trauma. At this stage, we can have difficulties functioning feel suicidal and suffer extreme feelings of despair. This could be a situation of a severely debilitating disease or life-threatening addiction. 

   On the other end of the spectrum will be someone who is able to function, to work, and has done therapy and different healing modalities, but still suffers from feelings of inadequacy, inability to have a purposeful life, to have deep meaningful emotional connections and relationships, being physically surrounded but not having the sense of belonging, feeling disconnected and suffering from loneliness. Filling up that void through behavioural addictions, like overworking leading to burnouts, or over-exercising, or overspending, or codependency making them stay in toxic relationships and as a result of all addictions suffer from shame, guilt, the secrecy that brings mistrust and inability to have emotionally intimate relationships with their partners and family.

  And then there is everyone else in different points in between.

It is important to understand that CPTSD Recovery is an individual journey and to succeed we need to work taking into account exactly where we are at. So depending on where you are at in your individual recovery journey all aspects of holistic trauma work is what your CPTSD Recovery program will look like. This is why before starting to work with anyone I offer a free 90min discovery call so that I can find out what have you done so far. If you are doing the self-healing, what kind of supported-healing have you done, does your Autonomic Nervous System need healing or maybe you are already successfully using some somatic healing tool and it is just the trauma programs at your subconscious mind level keeping you stuck with CPTSD. 


You are unique and your journey is unique and your CPTSD Recovery program and the journey is unique. The only thing that is necessary and what allows me to guarantee effective and gentle trauma recovery is the holistic trauma work approach.

How It Is Done

  When we suffer from CPTSD we are short on time, energy, money, health and that can limit our ability to invest ourselves enough to start recovering instead of managing symptoms and sustaining in survival mode instead of living. 

  As well the journey of CPTSD recovery has some necessary stages before even finding out that it is unresolved complex trauma at the root of our suffering. For most those stages consist of years of therapy, misdiagnosed mental disorder, medication, unsuccessful attempts to help from addictions, psychosomatic and autoimmune disorders that allopathic medicine considers incurable, then wandering and searching alternative healing modalities, as well as traditional medicines, starting to have some results with self-healing, medical trauma, disappointment in mainstream approaches discovering it's limitations. Sometimes retraumatization in lengthy classical talk therapies. And the distressing experience of seeing mainstream health professionals for help and support and finding out that they have no clue about complex trauma, its effects on the Autonomic Nervous System, and how that being in constant arousal due to chronic stress impacts and dysregulates all other body systems starting from the immune system, digestive, reproductive, hormonal and so on. 

  Recently there is growing trauma awareness however there is still very little effective trauma work available specifically to recover from complex trauma. So making this work available worldwide is important and possible. 

 What is needed is an internet connection that is good enough to do the work through a Zoom call and a safe, private space for the sessions. For most it is happening at the comfort of their home, saving the stress and hustle of getting somewhere. 

The work on all levels, the somatic, the subconscious mind reprogramming and grief support is done safely, gently and effectively in 1:1 online sessions.


  It is widely recognised that somatic trauma work has more results than classical talk therapy and medication. Traditional medicines and healing systems like Ayurveda, Tradicional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Thai massage and Yoga knew it thousands of years ago, but the science now has "discovered" again that all is interconnected and linked, that body systems impact each other, that mind impacts body and body impacts the mind, that there is energy and soul. That subconscious mind is a superpower driving all automatic actions and functions at all levels and that body has its own intelligence. 


 The body is the foundation of our being, and healing the trauma at the body level is the first thing to do. Issues are in the tissues and the mechanics of emotional wounding damaging Autonomic Nervous Sistem and consequently, all other bodily systems are fascinating. So task Nr1 in trauma work is to heal the Autonomic Nervous System. 


However the holistic approach to healing the damage trauma has done to the body is much more than just healing Autonomic Nervous System, it includes nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and proper self-care, plant medicines, movement, hydration and regular connection to nature, humans and/or pets. 


  Hippocrates stated it already: The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our world might appear to work in a predictable, mechanistic way, yet when you get down to the basic building blocks of all matter at the subatomic level, everything is pure energy in a constant state of potential. We create our reality by constantly communicating with this Quantum Field through our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts are electrical impulses, emotions are magnetic. The principles of Quantum physics show that the electromagnetic influence of the mind on our reality is powerful and immediate, and that to change our experience, we need to change our thinking and 95% of our thinking is automatic and comes from our subconscious mind influencing our reality and our physical state. 

 That is why talk therapy is very limited. It is a necessary entry-level stage in trauma work because without awareness there is no access to change since we can not change what stays in the shadows, and we can not change without intention. But at one point we discover the power of our subconscious mind and the programmes it is running, it happens when we discover that awareness is not enough to change a pattern, when we discover that intention and willpower are not enough, when we realise that we are unable to exercise our free will when triggered when surviving with the help of addition or another harmful coping mechanism. 

  This is why the missing piece in completing effective trauma work to recover from CPTSD is releasing trauma-induced limiting beliefs and patterns, and releasing trauma itself at the level of the subconscious mind through accessing Gamma brainwave state.