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About Guna

My name is Guna Rasnaca and I work with people who have tried it all but still suffer from CPTSD I help them to recover with ease and have a normal life.

I have had many lives on all levels: professions, countries, belief systems, mindsets, it was a long and intense journey to recover my authenticity, my true self, my values and purpose.

I have had many deaths and rebirths.
Two dark nights of the soul each bringing to the next level on my own growth journey.
If you don't grow you die.
But I just absolutely love life! :)

A phoenix and a lotus flower are the best symbols to describe me.

My story is the same as in most cases of complex trauma.

Initially inexplicable mental and physical health issues, addictions, the paradoxical personality of a high achiever with very low self-esteem.

And complete confusion about wherefrom came all those issues because I believed in having had a happy childhood.

Then gradually I worked through my story, learned the truth, found out about the emotional abuse, physical abuse, childhood sexual abuse, linked the dots and found out why I did not have many childhood memories.

With that background, my adult life consisted of repeated sexual abuse, slut-shaming, repetitions of medical trauma, harassment at the workplace, narcissistic abuse in friendships and love relationships, accidents, psychosomatic disorders, chronic pain, this all led to developing two autoimmune disorders.

And at the same time, the high-achiever in me was having successful careers, two master's degrees, and other superficial achievements to show up like the good girl, doing what's expected while actually being a self-neglecting people-pleaser. A very common coping mechanism in this scenario.

That all was heavy to carry at soul, mind and body level, so numerous breakdowns and suicidal thoughts and attempts were a part of those past lives of mine.

The supposed help in this case turned out more harmful than helpful; if you have a similar experience you know.

I did not accept the response that there is no way to recover both mentally and physically. So I had to keep on searching beyond the mainstream.
And in 2018 I found a way to heal, discovered life without CPTSD and the life of freedom, purpose and health.

Since then I have been on the mission to pass on my experience, expertise, my care and love.


And in 2020 I published my full story of complex trauma and recovery journey in the inspirational collaborative book There She Glows Volume I and became a Best-Selling author. You can find it here: 

Holistic Trauma Worker and Post-traumatic Growth Coach

Guna's Accreditations:

  • QEC Therapist with Advanced Specialty in Crisis, Trauma and Addictions

  • Certified TRE® Provider

  • Accredited QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) Practitioner

  • Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher (RYT250)

  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner (Certified in Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

  • MA Law, MA Conference Interpreting