What They Say




"Guna is a highly emphatic and compassioned coach. She brings up in me a capacity to fully open up and trust to the extent that it feels like the conversation we are having is happening not with someone else but within me. And as I perceive it - her motivation is a true desire to help others as good as she would do for herself. I am now free from the anxiety I used to have constantly, from the waves of panic and fear, from the feeling of guilt (about what I have and haven't done in the past, from the need to justify myself and my illusions. I quit smoking with ease after being a smoker all my life. I want to point out that her capacity to help me get rid of obstacles at all levels (physical and mental) is not based on a theoretical, but true, self-studied and self-experienced knowledge, what she is able to share in a surprisingly clear and precise language."- Nina 

 "Guna was amazing. She helped me overcome things from my past that were stopping me on my path allowing me to think clearly to manifest positive structure in my life and in my business. It's amazing how free and less stressed I feel. The feeling when installing my statements was like nothing I have felt before. Now I feel unstoppable, like a new woman. I really recommend this." – Lauren​

"I have become more of myself. I am now more satisfied with life and with myself. I accept myself and see myself in a positive light. Guna's sessions and voice are calming and gives me space where I can re-connect to myself. I recommend her coaching program because I was able to release the guilt that I carried for 17 years. I have gained peace and confidence, more clarity and the ability to understand what is going on, and a sense of trust that everything will be fine. Physically - I now have more energy. I have released some of the fears and stresses, and as a result of that, I have gained more place in my head for the clarity I already mentioned. I was able to trust Guna. As a coach, she is calm and impartial. I appreciate that it is easy to open up to her and no matter the topic, she speaks in a simple, serious, normal voice putting me at ease around any topic." – Dace.